well this easter we drove up the coast ready for an exciting trip first we droped our gear off at the lodge got our boat ready for the big day ahead. my poopas 30ft launch and the 20 ft my uncle ownes we got our goldenn reels out grabed mine grabed a games belt and went to the second story of the launch and went into the seacrite spot placed my reels down and started watching sky movies inside the boat.the next day we went out 334meters deep also known as the trench of whangaruia droped our lines in my stepmum hooked a hapuka brongh it it up it weighed 11 kgs we move on north to the kingy head droped our lines down we were using poppers jig that are long suddenly my line goes zzzzzzzzi grab my rod place it in my game belt and and started to tryer it out then my line suddenly takes crarge by winding the fish in as soon as the fish surfises i relax like a guy on a sunny day drinking beer the kingy weighed 11kgs


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