music to my ears as the rain of bullets shower dower on the enemy the only thing protecting me was my heavy aromored helmet cabbomm bang bang bang with the occanional wisle of motars being fired a grenade looking object flies towards me i duck for cover white smoke stARTS TO COME OUT OF THE OBJECT THEN I REALISED WHAT IT WAS IT WAS A SMOKE GRENADE THEN COME THE SECOND ONE. I pick up and then about to throw it back when it expoldes in my hand blinded by the light that looked like a car lightbulb on full makes me fall back my men rush to my aid lutenet are u ok.unressponceve i lay in the mud shocked alive but not aware of whats going on i wanage to get my head to my right side.the taliban have not noticed that im alive yet but if they do i will be skind alive on there national tv.one of the men with a ak 47 and a rpg on his back drags me down to a near by steam.he gets a flask out of his vest and then pulls out a rag the smell of petrol alert me that hes gonna drown me in petrol then light me on fire hes on the right side soaking the rag in petrol. i slowly pull out my knife not to startle him and then swing at him the knife goes right through his vest the warm tricke of blood runs down my arm he flopes to the ground i carry on…..


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