Hook, line and sinker

My arms burn as i heave the surposed fish off the bottem of the reef.zzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!! the line goes cm’s by cm, meters by meters.The line gets down to its final few meters when…

with one big thrust of the rod i hook the dead weight, No holding back now. i start with my arm movements, pull up, then wined down.Golden reel and man vs my unkown foe a battle to the end. I set in for the long haul and carry on…

Arms burning, legs shaking and a tired foe and panting for breath, i start to see the colour emerge. Adreniln rushes through me. I finally get it to the surface..Its  a 3.5 meter  carpert shark, i scream with excitement” ,yess i got it i got it”

then with one flick off its head, its off the hook and off to live another day


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