moment in time

<h1>My heart is racing so fast it’s like a supercar at full revs. I start to sweat. I stare at the ball. This one kick decides it all. Am I better than my cousin? He stares at me like I am his prey.  His arms bent and he squats in a sitting position and stares at me. I get nervous and start to shake and I lose my focus and start to look around at the surroundings.  I get carried away.  Suddenly a booming voice occurs “Kemp, hurry the heck up man you are taking too long” he says.  I refocus and get into my free kick position and place my footing just right and run and take my shot. My leg swings right back like a swing at its fullest swing.  I force my leg forward.  I am nearly swept off my feet and with one mighty blow my foot connects with the ball. It cracks like a bullwhip, CRACK!!!!!!! I nervously watch as the ball flies through the air. Scott locks his eyes on the target and launches his body through the air. His arms reach out and his body is stretched completely. I look on and shut my eyes and pray it goes in. I heard a yell “OUCH!!!!!!”I open my eyes to see what had happened and I see Scott on the ground yelling “NNOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!” I stare towards the goal and I see it has gone in. “ YAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!” I start jumping up and down I see Scott beside me. “Lucky shot.  Hurry up.  Shoot again. That was a warm up” he says 


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