the three stupid magpies

A down afternoon but then it all changes when I say  “Chev quick look, 3 magpies in the back yard” i say enthusiastically “ok I’ll get the Winchester .22 magnum out” he whispers.

The glistening barrel and the wooden stock made the beast look like it was from an old western movie. The curious magpies had now moved into the wool shed paddock along with some sheep. I open the Chamber slip a revere .22 bullet in and pull the lever down ‘chick chink!’ the sound anyone who likes guns love, I open the window and look down the scope.

“Wait you need the silencer” chev whispers once again. He screws on the silencer and gives me the thumbs up. Aim for the head I say to myself, I breathe out and flick the safety off. Hovering over the magpies head I steady myself and pinpoint the cross onto its head I squeeze the trigger BOOM! One drops to the ground.

The rest fly away but surprisingly the swoop back in and land next to their dead friend. I seize my opportunity and get ready for another shot when the magpie disappears from sight because of the sheep in the paddock.

So I swiftly move outside and walk down the driveway. I see a tree and think of how a sniper can be so stealthy in it so with a click the safety is turned on and I stealthy climb up the tree so I’m invisible for the birds to see.

Then suddenly the magpie pops out about 20meters away from me so I line it up with the scope as soon as the centre of the plus sign hovered on the magpie I flicked the safety off and pull the trigger a puff of feathers fills the air I lose sight of the bird then excitedly I climb down the tree and go to retrieve my 3 kills but the one I most wanted was the one who gave me the run around.

I retrieve two of the dead magpies and go to fetch my other one when it gets up and run half fly’s off I flick the safety off and while running I line it up and pull the trigger it drops dead but rolls down the hill into the gully tiered to fetch the bird I return to the house with blood covered hands and a reason to feel happyImage


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