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live longer.

• Guard dogs Is exercising everyday good for you?


No we have to rest at lest for a day so we won’t harm our body’s from over training


According to (www.ironworkout.com) overnight muscle and instant abs are false but these facts are true…

“Don’t do too much cardio, or you’ll lose your muscle and get weaker.”

 “Watch out for catabolism, and beware of cortisol!”

 “Be careful not to overtrain…”

“Train less to gain more…”

Your muscles don’t grow while you’re training, they grow while you’re resting and sleeping so even a little bit of exercising every day is good but going for 5km walk/run is bad for your health .


Do healthy food make you learn?


According to (www.schoolfamily.com) Eating certain “brain foods” might make your kids smarter…but research shows they’ll be better off with a balanced diet, a good breakfast, and regular physical activity. 

Giving children a wide variety of foods ensures that they get the substances they require for healthy growth, when they need them. It’s especially important to start early with a broad and balanced diet.it is good if kids eat a healthy diet but occasionally with the little bit of junk food to keep their sugar levels normal.


Do dos make you live longer?


Yes because Dog owners worldwide enjoy longer lifespans on average, and the company a canine provides makes those extra years of life more gratifying. 30% of people who have a dog live longer. Dogs like the ones below help you

• Hunting dogs

• Herding dogs

• Working dogs


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