Is exercising everyday good for you?

Is exercising everyday good for your health because according to experts it is.however if you do too much you could badly injure yourself and that could make you not able to do anymore exercising for six months. For example if a person did a 5km run each day it exposes them to a serious risk of injuring themselves because their muscles haven’t had time to recover because when you work out your muscles don’t grow they grow when you are resting or otherwise sleeping.

Do dos make you live longer?

Yes dogs make you live longer because 30% of dog owners are expected to live longer lives because when dos play they release stress and dogs need exercise so you have to walk them this can add years to your life. Hunting dogs, guard dogs, working dogs are the dogs that give you the longest life span.

Is brain food good for you?

Yes but according to ( eating certain brain foods might make your kids smarter but science has proven that if your children have a balanced diet they are going to make a huge improvement than from eating junk food this is because junk food doesn’t have vitamins but brain food and other healthy thing do. For example a kid who has a pie and a fizzy drink is very likely to not focus in class and  will probably  fail in tests but a kid who has a good breakfast is more likely not to doze off and is going to be focused and ready to learn.



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