My favorite season

My favorite season is… the opening of duck season 

The faint smell of mud and the oilskin jackets covered in ferns and scrub with a hint of gunpowder.The grip of the 12 gauge shotgun grasping to my hands.Raising the beast like gun to my shoulder aiming down the barrel and the force of the recoil blows you backwards when you pull the trigger and a bang/whooshing sound fills the surrounding air while ducks drop into the lake below.fetching the ducks is even better when you have to strip down to your jocks and go for a swim in freezing cold water with eels to retrieve the duck fulls of pellets and led that’s when you forget to bring a retrieving dog.Why duck season is my favorite time because whats better than going shooting with your dad and your mates to kill ducks also  going swimming in ponds riddled with eels and who knows what else the is in there lol 🙂  


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