Leap of the dieing cat

The pouncing cat spread its claws and skidded down the path towards its fleeing prey; a juicy over sized dog. The rotund dog bolted as fast as it could on its hairy legs, down the path towards the 50 meter high cliff down to the depths of the ocean floor. The cruel cat was finally gaining ground when the dog flung two ninja stars. The cat hissed and cried like a frightened possum as the weapons of mass destruction hurled towards him. Skilfully the cat quickly drew out his paw and caught the ninja stars. In mid-air he flung them back at the dog with an mighty swing. Whimpering the dog gave up lying at the edge of the cliff. Teeth bearing, claws ready to tear him open, The cat leaped high into the air and pounced directly towards the injured dog. quickly Rolling over he got out of the way of the pouncing cat.The cat flew over the edge of the cliff and dropped into the sea below. No body knows what happened to the dog after that insistent but some people say there are bones on the edge of the cliff that he died on.


3 thoughts on “Leap of the dieing cat

  1. Very interesting Scott. Good job on being able to write something that is so different and unreal. Make sure you read your work when you have finished because there are a few mistakes, vary your sentence starters as most of your sentences start with ‘the’ and make sure your writing makes sense.

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