moment in time

Thinking is my main weakness and  guess what we had to do? Think!  Think about what we wanted to discover in the world. This was for my doodle for goggle.  What did I want to discover or see?   I want to discover real aliens on earth!  Not the ones that eat people on the movies,  but ones that i could communicate with and that didn’t want to eat me. .. That may be because my brain went into overload at the very thought of thinking. 

Hmm, visiting Antartica,  swimming with the Great white Shark, slaying a dragon, riding a bull and meeting the Flintstones.  But seriously,   I have always  wondered  about  my  grandfather’s grave from 21 generations ago, Harkon the 5th.  Someone in my Fathers family is into genealogy and has tracked the family back hundreds of years.  I want to see it because he was the king of Norway with a fierce reputation.  I can imagine how big and grand it would be. I decided to use this for My doodle for Google.

I found out that i can think without getting frustrated, well kinda J


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