the first week at school

this week has been good i have met some new friends Nathaniel ive known from my previous school ST Josephs in opotiki and Zoe who i have become quite good friends with.i have had a good time doing ncea1 maths and doing science with tahu.the thing i have enjoyed most has been seeing my friends i haven’t seen in ready for the year ahead and taking on more challenges to succeed in getting a job before going the the army next year. This year i am taking up being in the jazz band doing two solos as well as being in the concert band that is taking up my entire Fridays and i hopefully be able to play the drums in rock band this year to 🙂 Correspondence courses i am stepping up a level and doing year 10 German studies, Agriculture i have previously been doing for 3 years and hopefully by the end of term 1 i will have been asked to do ncea1 agriculture studies and finally i have proven i can work hard so i have taken up ncea 1 maths, im hoping for a good year 


One thought on “the first week at school

  1. Nice story I never knew you and Nat where friends from the past. A few things you could work on is your spelling try put a capital whenever you write i try put I, also paragraphs Sian went on and on about paragraphs.

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