ten things i want to achive this year

1. i want to achieve my year 10 diploma and hope fully pass this year with a merit so i can move on to year 11 next year and pass that year to so i can leave school

2. I want to pass my ncea level 1 math’s exam because my friends say its hard and that means i will not need to do it again next year

3.i want to start the job I have been offered on a charter boat as a deck hand becuse i love boats/fishing and i like to cook and help people on vessels

4.i want to have surgery on my knees so I can hopefully run again because it means i can get fit and i can do sport again

5. I want to make it on to ncea level one agriculture because next year im going to work on a farm and hopefully manage one later in life

6.i want to have my motorbike fixed so I can start racing again at awakaponga and qualifiy for mx nationals again next year .

7. I want to pass my music with a exilence and hopefully I can do ncea1 music next year if i stay and get into the whakatane brass band

8. I want to trap a lot more possums to make some more money and help save new zealand from possums because they eat alout of our native bush

9. I want to get into the regionals for science fair with my invention gun sight target that will help hunters with sighting in their guns without fireing a single shot

10. I want to participate in prep and make a good profit for our group so i can spend some more money on ther products groups have made


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