Black ops 2 zombies

Grotesque Zombies ravage against the blood splatter coved concrete building.eyes glowing like neon lights from a car.blood dripping from the ceiling into the mystery box that holds my fate and a revive stall sits behind me singing to its self

With the faulty pistol in my hand I decide to open the door… Suddenly a hell hound rushes towards me I pull the trigger and then all hell breaks loose my pistol jams. Dashing back towards the mystery box I grab the mp7 and crouch gazing at the door where groans and footsteps dangle up the creaky stairs towards me

Hurling the camo grenade out the door I brace for the fiery exploding of shrapnel. BOOM!!!!!!! The explosion rings through out the building creating a hole in the creaky stairs. A horrifying old man limps towards me a human leg in this bloody covered mouth he groans then rushes towards me like a wolf about to attack its prey.

frenzy’s of bullets slice the air and crash into the delicate man he flops onto the floor. The glowing red mp7 falls to pieces in my hands, a horde of grotesque blood ravashing zombies rush through the door advancing on me. I pick them off with my faulty pistol but there to many I’m going to die I think to my self…


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