Jump jump jump

The weightless feeling of gliding through the air feeling with no return I gaze down looking side on at the ground that’s passing by I rest mid air then thump as my bike hits the ground. A mud sucking fist forms out of the dirt and tears me from my bike

I open my eyes and gaze at the front handle bars in can’t see anything only specks of dirt and only can hear the reactions of chirping birds and a few motorbike that are roaring around the track.im dead I think that thought crosses my mind and leaves like it were never there.

I regain my vision when a stray bike flies over my head and a body screaming towards me I blink and realise that this is not a dream I ether have to jump or get pummeled into the dirt for a second time

Jump jump jump!!!:( my body screams as the person locks on to me flies like a missile towards me. I have no energy to get up and all I can do Is shut my eyes and pray for the best .

Swoooosshhh!!!!! I cringe as a object flies over my delicate body sirens scream as marshes and race offesals run to his aid. I sit up as try to move my legs they sting and ache as I move my fox boots I push up from my hands and stagger back to were my bike lay in the dirt broken and brused no way am I going to try that again I think caustously…

Based on a true story


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