Hardest day of my life…

Would have to be when I fell over a log and sprained my neck.

Spot lights gaze around the dense bush ,figures run away from the light. I manage to scramble up a tree and hide in amongst the branches.”SPOT LIGHT!!!! Lara shouts below me. I jump away from the light fall off the tree and dive head first into bushes.

I scream out in pain and gasp as the torn body is pulled out of the black berry bush. My head cocked sideways I could only see a bright torch in my eyes. Mrs gabolincy shouts my name but everything goes pitch black.

I wake up at home with a huge steel brace around my neck. Mum walks in and says angerly” how did you manage to fall out of a tree at night” i just shut my eyes and close my thoughts figuring all my pain would go away


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