possum hunt

blood rushing through my veins,bright eyes light up the shadowy tree.”ready aim fire!”i say to my self as i fling rocks like caterpults hurling towards the tree. “sccccccccc”it screaches from high above me as rocks pelt its soft warm skin.

“Clinck Clink!!” naling the set possum trap to the tree.flour and cinnamon attracts is scared body to where my trap lay waiting for the chance to go for the kill.i walk away waiting for the morning to come.

“scott unset that tramp” mum says angerly”but its 3 in the morning “Hurry up Now!” i stagger out of bed,pull on my jumper and grab my flash light.

shining the torch at the tree two eyes light up on the trunk of the tree. i pick up a big branch cock it back and swing straiight forward towards the possuns delecate head

…CRACK!!!!!! it flops onto the ground unconscious.Clang i unset the trap and walk back towards my beloved bed.


One thought on “possum hunt

  1. Nice story here Scott, love the fact that you described everything with good words making it that much better. Just a heads up might want to check where you put your sentences, in paragraph 5 you have one sentence and the rest of the paragraph has no full stop

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