house and couch rhyme

i own a mansion but live i in a house. 

i have a king size bed in the house but i sleep on the couch. 

the walls a slightly cracked but are falling down.

ifs theres anything i can do i would buy a new couch, well just to put in my house


i wonder if my mum left any help “no” i guess ill reroute

looking somewhere inside the depth of the couch  

ohh look there jackpot there open sesame mouse.


i have a chimney on my house 

even though its breaking it down

well theres nothing we can do about it 

so i guess ill stay in my house

ill just stay on the couch 

well i guess that this is the end of my house.

damn no more doe to buy a new house.

ill guess ill live off the doe thats hidden in the depths of my couch






2 thoughts on “house and couch rhyme

  1. Hi Scott
    I really liked how you made your poem rhyme, it was really creative. To make your writing better you should try to put capital letters in. really good writing it made me laugh.

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