Do aliens actually exist

For years i have believed in aliens, little green marshans that have big eyes.
well that appearance is very wrong according to me. I have been studying aliens for the last month or so and what I have found out is astonishing I have found out that there is a very big chance that there is life of other planets for example the plant scientist call planet G.
Planet G has 1 moon and a sun witch is the same distance away from the moon and sun of earth.
Planet g has enough humidity and warmth to sustain life, proving there is some kind of life may live there.
There are different times of life forms that people call aliens even though they might not be from this earth they might be friendly but for some reason when they make contact with a human they normally get frightened because of the human instinct that is to scream and run away from danger.


I discussed a alien sighting in Australia with the person who filmed it on face book. I was told that when he first saw It he was scared and didn’t know what it was. There is a video on YouTube he posted witch is called alien being chased through Australian bush …. Causation there is strong language in the video but look closely at the figure that appraise it is definitely not from this earth


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