writing sample

An extremely powerful engine rings ferociously underneath me as it pulls me back making my front wheel of my YZ250f lift off the ground. Petrol fumes and a high pitch ringing sound takes over the large terrain of grass fields, paddocks and stock banks. Zane Mclean on his newly bought KXL450 races towards me like a bull charging, he skids to a holt.
“Want a race “he says in an over confident tone of voice”
“Sure” I say knowing that he is a brilliant rider and I prep myself for certain defeat and embarrassment that was sure to come.
The bikes had their own conversation of abrupt of deep and high pitch sounds. The river rages swiftly down around the sharp corners like NASCARS screaming around a track. The wet grass and soft dirt made this race very competitive. I know I have the advantage as I know how bike feels and acts.
Dirt spraying everywhere behind me as I shoot off towards the first set of table tops. Flying high in the air I pull my bike into a whip and take a quick look behind me and see Zane following, he less than three meters away. I straighten my bike back up and land with a little thump.
Suddenly I hit a rock and it grabbes my bike and gives it a mighty push off course and headed straight towards the stock bank. Nooooo!!!! I scream as I make the quick decision of pushing down my back brake and it instantly lock up the back wheel and make it start to slide uncontrollably. I pull my front brake which would make it certainly stop.
Head over heels I fly around four meters through the air, over the bank and past a fence only to land with a smack on my back into a gorse bush. Coughing and spluttering I manage to get my breath back from being winded only to notice how much pain I was in from landing on my hand that was visually injured and pierced with numerous amounts of hearty gorse prickles. I vaguely look behind me and see my bike which is my pride and joy tangled upside down in the wire fence, I could see that it was badly injured as she was bellowing out a lot of smoke and she had lost her muffler, bent all her plastics and torn the graphics on her. I lay down to see the blue sky as I regain my proper vision and I shut my eyes and wish I didn’t come on this horrible race.



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