out of control!!!!!

Sliding down the road in the 400cc go-kart i squeal as the back tires veer sideways turning me into a 180 degree turn. Regaining control i swerve to avoid a fatal collision with a oncoming car. Slamming the peddle right down so it is touching the metal. I am hit with lots of wind and pushed back into my seat.I release the gas a bit to let the gas to regain my breath and sanity.I head towards home slipping and sliding down the gravel road.

The jutter of ruts and bumps in the road make me bounce like a trampoline. clang! clang! clang! goes the bottom of the go-kart as i land crashing back down on the seat. The tarmac comes into view and i smash the peddle down again only to notice im losing traction fast and just wasting gas. I let the gas of only to notice the maze of little pot holes in the road.

ahhhh! i scream as the rear tires veer to the side and race toward the next pot hole.No stopping now as the go-Kart speeds up every millisecond that’s passing by.i hit them tarmac and slide to a halt and look behind me. 5 meters of gravel nearly killed me.Shaking i turn into my driveway and leap out of the kart.


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