soccer for fitness

I’m open Sam i shout” i shout demanding his eyes scan the ground before his foot comes in contact with his foot and sends it sprawling straight towards me.The leather like ball impacts my bare sensitive foot with a crushing blow. The leather ball swirls around my foot as i do sneaky tricks to get it past my opponents their feet swiping across the ground narrowly missing the ball.

Suddenly i lose focus of the ball and it rushes forward i sprint after it.I’m trapped by Isabelle’s lethal foot about to impact on the ball and send it rushing way over my head . I make the courageous decision to jump and stop her from kicking it. The crack of her pale bare foot against the leather sends a shiver up my spine as the ball reaches my stomach and with a mighty fist full of solid air it connects with my stomach sending me stumbling across the pitch.


One thought on “soccer for fitness

  1. Nice descriptive words Scott, nice piece of writing. Just some things to remember for next time is, you put I shout in the speech marks, unless you actually said that you might want too put it out of the speech marks. Also when you are talking about yourself, capital i.

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