My legacy to the world

I want my legacy to be a good legacy unlike Adolf Hitler. I would like to be remembered for the person who would stand up to anyone to protect a fellow human being and putting my life at risk to help someone else. I want to be part of the SAS for the army and create peace by taking care of extremists with one bullet. I think if i was remembered for world peace it would be a significant honor but if i don’t get remembered i am not going to be sad because i can be remembered for something else. Like being a farmer or something else that the army creates as a opportunity.

The Army opens alot of opportunity’s like world piece keeping in east temor or transport the royal family through New Zealand or just helping our allied country’s with any conflict or disaster that need to be dealt with of cleaned up.

I think this is going to be my legacy to the world  


One thought on “My legacy to the world

  1. Hey Scott, about your post, I doubt you will leave a good legacy to the families who’s husbands and sons were fighting for what they believe in. if you want to fight something, remember the consequences, maybe you can look at how Gandhi fought for his beliefs. Just remember, in war, there is no bad or good guy, because both sides think the opposing one is bad, and that their own is good. also, the pen is mightier than the sword( or in you case, a bullet), look what it did to NZ, it united this country and maybe, can unite the middle east.

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