music blurb

Our piece of music we created influenced the genre of heavy metal. The heavy metal genre exists because of the heavy lead electric guitar, deep double bass drum and the great bass and bold vocals.

We tried to create a piece of music by taking a part of Metallica’s song enter sand man and changing it and creating our own piece of music that influenced the genre of heavy metal.

I think we did well with the short period of time we had and trying to share the music room with other bands like a country band a jazz band and a drum and bass band.

I think we could really improve if we all learnt how to play the instruments we had.

Matt was playing drums he had never played before but he has a natural talent for them but the impressed with his fast drumming and switching from the crash symbols to floor tom was a hard thing to do.

Nathaniel who has just started to play bass was not confident and needed more practise instead of lying back as the drums and guitar took over.

I took up the electric guitar I play acoustic guitar and it is very different with the sounds and different pitch so trying to compromise was a hard thing and I have only learnt how to pluck the stings and not strumming.

I think overall we did a good job but we could really improve on the bass solo drum solo and the electric guitars solo and adding vocals could be a good thing to put in.

Our band did a decent piece of heavy metal.


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