Air soft war

The bush encloses me in a open patch of bush. The sounds of footsteps crunch in the distance as I lightly step closer and closer towards my enemies base.

The patrolling guards sence something moving about 20 meters to my left. Their glistening m-16s raise up and fire. Flurries of bb bullets strike the unexspecting solider. This is my time to strike I say to myself.

My hands grip my gun and hoist it up into my shoulder. My scope comes in line with my eye and the crosshairs sit square on the guards chest I pull the trigger a single bb bullet flies silently through the air and with a painful smack it connects with his rib cage. “OUT” he screams. I settle the scope on a near by tree and aim again at the last guard. Another bullet is let lose and connects with his thigh. ” OUT ” he screams.

I lean against the tree pull my radio up to my mouth and speak “team alpha move to engage enemy threats” A bullet from no where impacts my chest and I stutter “out” I pull out my orange flag hold it above my head and start the long walk back to base


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