what i want to achieve this term XD

i want to achive alot of things this term and if i explained all of them that would take you one year to get half way through it but if i have to choose a few in order they would have to be…
1. since im moving schools this term i want to be able to make new conections and be able to make new friends in the town and be able to settle in into high school life andmeet new people in the groups and sports i will join down there.

2. I want to leave good vibes at the school and be remembered for the good thing i have done and not the bad things i have done.Soccer i have left a good legacy because i have been training the little kids and even though we have got very raw talent in our school for example billy who gets the ball off us who is 8 years younger then us big kids who play that talent he has he will become professional and to know that i have helped him i am proud.

3. i want to astabolish a group on a social media site so i can keep in contact with my old school which the students i will miss. I think a site on wordpress or emodo or facebook would help with this alot. I have made some really good friendships and i will be lost without them but im am looking forward to a fresh start at my new school.


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