Scary Mary

The tale of scary Mary will haunt you her blood covered scalp and disgusting long dirty nails will creep into you soul

One day in whakatane in the year 1879 a women lived in a little cottage on the side of a cliff with her husband and her two kids. One day one of her children disappeared and the blood trail led to the waterfall , the next day her other child disappeared and the fresh blood trail led to the waterfall. The next day shianna woke to the screams of her husband she walk out side there was a lady with red devil looking eyes and no hair her face scared and all covered in blood her husband who looked like he had been turned inside out was being dragged . Later that week shianna went with her friends to the water fall. Drip drip drip drip the blood spattered on the grounded the gazed around until they saw her figure high in the trees and to the right side three bodies hang badly decomposed her husband and her two children who had been torn apart and turned inside out only the maggots and rotting flesh with there skeletons remain.

The name scary Mary still lives on and her immortal soul stills kills people and hangs them at the blood stained water fall. Two people will go missing tonight in that small community. They will not be found unless you look at that waterfall


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