Why i get angry at people that dis my family

There are a few reasons why i get angry at people that dis my ancestors and family is because…

1) My grandfather was a very intelligent man he was a hunting legend and has taught me many values when it comes to guns and hunting he was the best grandfather anyone could ask for and when he past away all those feelings have been trapped inside me and i will not tolerate it when people talk crap about him they will normally get some violence coming there way.

2) My grandmother was the most kinding caring person. i have made some very unwise choices in my life and she has helped me to correct them i love her alot and if you think i will tolerate stuff being said in a harmful way about her you are very mistaken.

3) my aunty’s are the most helpful ladys i know they have helped me through almost every unwise choice i have made in my life and just to mention i have made thousands of unwise choices i do not tolerate people talking about my family in mean ways.

Be aware you have been warned so it not my folt if you make the unwise decision of dising these people because you may end up with a black eye.


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