My final blog

I am going to miss this school dearly it has created my attitude towards people better and since i have come to this school i have not been getting in trouble or in a lot of fights and i am grateful for that and i have some things to say to my fellow class mates

Matt- Bro you one of the most crack up guys i know you have got me into the big lez show and your constant conversations about gaming is utterly irritating but you are very intelligent and be proud of that you will go far in life.

John- You have a awesome personality and your sporting achievements are off the charts and your leadership values are something to be proud of and carry on striving for excellence

Faith- you are on of the most weirdest people i know but its really funny and I’m still buzzing out that we are related and your personality is really cool and your obsession about onenesses are very funny. you should carry on creating new oppertunites in life and striving for achievement.

Brodie- Your one of the most gaming addicts i know your obsession for doda 2 and other games is a good characteristic to have and being a game designer would be a good career to have and i think you have the potential to get far by doing that and your generousness is so amazing your maths skills are awesome and you have helped me with my maths alot.

Ilayda- I’m grateful for your coming to this school even though you have not been here for long i can see you opening up and coming out of your shell. Your English has improved alot since last year and you have taught me something about turkey i never knew.

Nat- your films you make look professional and you should carry on doing them they are awesome but by my standards your the next peter Jackson. Your funny and weird humour is one to be valued.

Zoe- Your personality is funny but u scare me aha that evil look u give to someone when they annoy you scares the crap out of me its funny how quick you have adapted to school life and getting excellent results.

Bridget- Your passion for hunting give us something to talk to u your a awesome bass and drummer and you should carry on with playing them.

Ethan- Mister star wars aha Ethan your soccer skills are great and your communication with little kids are mean you should carry on teaching them about the soccer game and your talents when it comes to music is awesome.

Marlise- Your passion for Emma Gilmore is cool as shes a amazing rally driver and i think you could be like her with your passion for rally cars. carry on striving for accuracy and you could be like her

Sian- I have probably not been the best student but you have taught me some amzing values and how you teach is amazing to. My slack working and effort with homework must make you very frustraited and still i am very lucky that the strap is not legal anymore because i would have had it thousands of have been one of my favorite teachers and good luck with your life with Adam otherwise how we used to call him pizza man. Thank you for what you have taught me and tolerated.

Alison- You have been the best principal and teacher you have taught me a musical instrument i want to carry on progressing on. you have been there for me when there has been stuff on my mind. I hope you stay at this school and help everyone as you have helped me.

Im going to miss you all


Why i get angry at people that dis my family

There are a few reasons why i get angry at people that dis my ancestors and family is because…

1) My grandfather was a very intelligent man he was a hunting legend and has taught me many values when it comes to guns and hunting he was the best grandfather anyone could ask for and when he past away all those feelings have been trapped inside me and i will not tolerate it when people talk crap about him they will normally get some violence coming there way.

2) My grandmother was the most kinding caring person. i have made some very unwise choices in my life and she has helped me to correct them i love her alot and if you think i will tolerate stuff being said in a harmful way about her you are very mistaken.

3) my aunty’s are the most helpful ladys i know they have helped me through almost every unwise choice i have made in my life and just to mention i have made thousands of unwise choices i do not tolerate people talking about my family in mean ways.

Be aware you have been warned so it not my folt if you make the unwise decision of dising these people because you may end up with a black eye.

Scary Mary

The tale of scary Mary will haunt you her blood covered scalp and disgusting long dirty nails will creep into you soul

One day in whakatane in the year 1879 a women lived in a little cottage on the side of a cliff with her husband and her two kids. One day one of her children disappeared and the blood trail led to the waterfall , the next day her other child disappeared and the fresh blood trail led to the waterfall. The next day shianna woke to the screams of her husband she walk out side there was a lady with red devil looking eyes and no hair her face scared and all covered in blood her husband who looked like he had been turned inside out was being dragged . Later that week shianna went with her friends to the water fall. Drip drip drip drip the blood spattered on the grounded the gazed around until they saw her figure high in the trees and to the right side three bodies hang badly decomposed her husband and her two children who had been torn apart and turned inside out only the maggots and rotting flesh with there skeletons remain.

The name scary Mary still lives on and her immortal soul stills kills people and hangs them at the blood stained water fall. Two people will go missing tonight in that small community. They will not be found unless you look at that waterfall

gratituide diary

day 5 – im grateful for friends because they help me with alot of problems
day 6- im grateful for living in a country with no wars
day 7- im grateful for being healthy
day 8-im gratueful for roofs over our heads
day 9- im grateful for family who have raised me
day 10- im grateful for my bike because its my favorite hobbie
day 11- im grateful for being a peace keeping country
day 12- im happy that we have a clean ocean
day 13- im happy that there is plenty of food growing

coded ( Black ops 2 in real life )

I say as i turn off the Xbox the previous match hurt as bullet holes ripped through my bullet proof vest. The bot who had a radar set on me zeroed in his night vision scope and picked of the surrounding players. Bang!!! a bullet impacts just above my head i duck just in time a another bullet impacts just below the last one.

i select my VTOL warship and hear the rain of fire striking every living object. i pick up my shot gun and sprint out side only to get a wall off gun fire outside. The bullets impact me with a thud i look down at my chest numerous amounts of bullet holes.

Everything starts going black i drop to my knees and everything flickers white then im gone without are word.


Hr;427(6)tekvrap526;333 Sam types in this new laptop browser. Bingo the light turns green and every wifi network shuts down except his computers free wifi hacked username and password of Telstra . The harsh sirens hurt his ears. He grabs his bag and sprints down 5th avenue.

Back at his house on 9th avenue the news comes on “we are currently looking for one suspect Sam witwicky a 17 teenager at that moment a black hawk military helicopter flys past his house. He knows his hacking time is up he runs to the wardrobe grabs out his silenced shot gun packs his bag half full off canned food and water and the rest with ammunition. He zips up his bag and makes his way through the front door were his dead is waiting